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Elmar Strathe

During the last few years, Elmar’s personal surroundings have developed into a creative source of energy with which he has been maximizing his potential and expertise. Together with his early companion and friend Florian Frings he founded his own label – 5D.records.
“They can not confine us to 3 dimensions of space. As music is timeless, so is our collective, creative consciousness endless in a 4th dimension. So, welcome to 5D.”

In 2012, Elmar’s own artistic vision gave birth to his debut album: “living.LIFE”. What was once meant to be a live-set for an upcoming festival, evolved into a 13 track release. Infused with the living essence of sound, “living.LIFE” is an intimate collection of snapshots that reflect more than words ever could. “living.LIFE” were released on his own label 5D.records in December 2013.
In 2014 a big dream came to reality. Elmar dropped his first own 4 Track EP. Released on Richie Hawtin ́s Label M_NUS. (DayNight EP)
3 years after his debut album he is ready with the 2nd one! “” will be also released on 5D.records (Oct 10th 2016). To make it even more exciting and to present a little teaser first, he had released the “ Tool Edition” two weeks before the official album! (Sept. 26th 2016).

In his current project Elmar Strathe is presenting the “ Remix Series A – I“ Continuously released on 5D.records from January – March 2017.


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